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At the venue ICCR Complex, 9A Ho Chi Mina Street, Kolkata - 71 (Opposite American Consulate and near Dy British High Commission). It is a high security zone in between Chowranghee (J.L. Nehru Road) and Camac Street.
If the Venue is changed, all participants will be informed.


Centre for Built Environment - 2/5 Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata - 20, (Near Minto Park), Sukhsagar Building, 1st Floor.
Telefax, 91 33 2476 1495.


Office (closed during conference).

Mr. P. C. Kumar

Educated as geographer from Calcutta University and had master’s in planning from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, worked as planner in Town & Country Planning Dept. of Govt. West Bengal. Secretary, Federation Hall Society, specialist in North Calcutta Architecture Heritage.

E-mail : prabhas_59@yahoo.com
Mobile : 9883086564

Mr. Dipyaman Mukherjee
Joint Secretary

Graduate in construction Engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, Consultant on construction. Special studies on Water and health disaster participation at International Conferences.

E-mail : dipyamanm@gmail.com)
Mobile : 9830127757

Conference Management & Travel Agent
(for Travel accommodation)
ARL International
Elgin Chambers, 6th Floor
1A, Ashutosh Mukherjee Road, Room No. 608, Kolkata - 700 020, India.
Contact : Mr. A Rouf Laskar
E-mail : arlinternational13@yahoo.com
Mobile : 9831642180 / Ph. 033 2454 2052
(Foreign currency exchange facility available)


1992 - 2017, 25 years of Endearment will Cities, Buildings & Environment


CBE (Centre for Built Environment) is a registered non-profit professional society in Kolkata (Calcutta) India. It is an umbrella organisation of professionals from the government, university, private organisations and institutions. Its programmes include study research, training, organising lectures and conferences, presentations at international conferences, publications, exhibition etc. it provides technical guidance to the students and others.



Publications :


Three books


1. Housing Development & Management
2. Architectural & Urban Conservation
3. Solar Architecture & Planning
4. Brick Bank

Special flyer for UNDP on Urban Agriculture
Research papers and CDs and two video film
CBE has a Library and Documentation centre.


Seminar Conferences

Organised seven International Workshops on Housing, Conservation, Solar architecture,
Urban rivers, Urban disaster, Future of cities and Urban agriculture
Organised National Seminars on
(1) City Bubble (shopping centre)
(2) Cage in the city (housing)
(3) Lighting the Old lamp (conservation)
(4) City Wonderful (urban design)


Organised Regional Seminar by CBE


(a) Women’s journey to work, 2009
(b) South Asian seminar on Water & City, 2004


2. International Symposium / Conference by CBE

(1) Cities Under Change 2012
(2) Cities Under Restoration 2013
(3) Megacities 2014
(4) Cities & Culture 2015 (Cancelled)
(5) Urban Conservation 2018 (Proposed with speakers from various countries.


Vanue : CBE Workshop, Seminar and Conference were held at (1) Academy of Fine Arts. (2) Indian Museum (3) Birla Industrial & Technical Museum (4) Agri Horticultural Society (5) CBE Office. (6) Victoria Memorial Hall (7) Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR)


3. Public Awareness Lectures by CBE

1. 22 Lectures on Urban Environment by different experts.
2. Several weekly lectures on architecture, urban design and cities
3. One Design workshop with two American architects.


4. Study training

Young professionals of CBE have taken advanced training at Lund University & Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden and ICCROM, Italy. On recommendation of CBE some members received Fulbright and other fellowships.

Many Ph.D. and research scholars from USA, UK, Switzerland, France, Italy, Belgium, Japan were associated with CBE. CBE provided guidance to members and Ph.D. students in architecture & city planning in Indian Univesities.


5. International Collaboration and Academic study

Students of the following institutions have joined Indian students under the guidance of CBE.

1. Historic buildings of North Kolkata documentation with Ecole d’ architecture, Paris, - Belleville and IPRAUS, Paris, France.
2. Water and city with Rhode Island School of Design, USA.
3. City - Kolkata with Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich and Basel, Switzerland
4. Urban Mobility - Kolkata with Chalmers Institute of Technology Goteborg, Sweden.


6. Exhibition

1. Exhibition on Housing & Building Materials at HUDCO, office, Kolkata, 1994
2. Exhibition on Historical Building, Cities, Habitat etc. at Academy of Fine Arts, Town Hall & Victoria Memorial Hall.
3. Exhibition “What makes India Urban ?” in Berlin, Oranised by AEDES, Berlin
4. Exhibition of Cities in Zurich, Switzerland organised by ETH.


Poster presentations at many International Conferences. In individual capacity, Mr. Ayan Sen, Secretary General, CBE exhibited his works at World Congress of Architects, Seoul, 2017 and organised on exhibition of North Calcutta heritage.


CBE presentations at International Conference By President and other members.


Selected List



1. Commonwealth Conference on Historic Buildings, London.
2. Ecole d’ Architecture, Paris Belleville
3. University of Venice
4. International Seminar on Asian Heritage,Gongkuk university,  Seoul , Korea , 1996
5. Asia Pacific conference on conservation,Taipei,Taiwan, 1997
6. International Conference on Historic Buildings, Rome, 2008
7. International Conference on Archaeology & Conservation, Baeja, Spain, 2007
8. Unesco, Deakin University, Melbourne, Education in Conservation
9. Reunion Island, Indian Oceans Heritage Conference. St. Denis, 2011, 2014, 2017
10. Seminar on Conservation & Development, Florence, 2008.




1. World Congress of Architectd- Chicago 1993, Berlin 2002. Tokyo 2011, Seoul 2017
2. UN Habitat II Conference, Istanbul, 1996
3. World Congress on Housing Science, Kolkata, 2008
4. World Urban Forum, Nanjing, China, 2008
5. Int. Seminarvon Architecture Fourth Dimension, Boston,USA 2011




1. Mega cities Conference, Hongkong, 1996
2. Int.Conference in Urban Ecology,Leipzig, Germany,1997
3. Int.conference on City and Culture, Stockholm,Sweden 1998
4. UN workshop on Urban Management in Asia Pacific Cities,Kualalumpore,1998
5. Int.Conference on Urban Agriculture,Zurich.2002
6. Visual planning & urbanism, Univ. of New Castle, UK, 2007
7. International Seomeo - safa Conference, Bangkok, Thailand two years.
8. Megacities Conference, Kyoto, Japan, 2013
9. International Ecopolis Forum - Chonqing, 2008 and Chengde 2010, China
10. Access & Mobility for cities of Tomorrow, Gotebourg Sweden, 2009
11. Cities conference - Manila
12. Conference on cities living, Goteborg, Sweden, 2005
13. 20th Inura conference, Zurich, Switzerland, 2010
14. Coastal cities Summit, Petersburg, Florida, USA, 2008,
15. International Conference on Urban Agriculture 2002, Agricultural University, Zurich, Switzerland




1. Stockholm International Water Symposium, 3 years
2. Brisbane River Symposium, 3 years
3. International Conference on Irrigation and Drainage,Seoul 2001
4. World Water Forum (including organising sessions) 2003 - 2018.
(a) Japan (b) Mexico (c ) Turkey (d) France (e) Korea (f) Brazil (also to present in 2018, Brasilia)
5. Asia Pacific Hydrology and Water Resources Conference, Kyoto, Singapore & Bangkok
6. International Conference on Waste Water, Sevilla, Spain, 2007 - 2010.
7. Land and Ocean Science conference, Yangtai,China 2011
8. World Canals Conference Yuangzhow, China, 2012, & Toulouse, France, 2013


Energy / Environment


1. World Energy days, Wels, Austria
2. Observer Status - UN Climate Change conference
3. Scientific Conference on impact of Sunami, Bangkok
4. International Conference on Env. Management, Bangkok.
5. International Conference on Disaster management, Niangato, Japan, 2003
6. International Conference on Coastal development, Hong Kong, 2010.
7. Conf. responding to Climate Change in the Carreabean, June 2011
8. Global Summit on Coastal Seas,Baltimore,USA, August 2013


Architecture & Cities


1. World Congress of Architects -Chicago, Berlin and Seoul, 1993, 2002, 2017 (Student’s presentation in Tokyo)
2. Asian Congress of Architects, Beijing, 2009
3. International Seminar, Architecture, Education & Research, Dhaka, 2012
4. Research Seminar, Univ. of Morathawa, Srilanka, 2007,


Projects and Consultancy


1. Recycling of Waste Water - for Japan Environment Television
2. Consultancy for earthquake disaster - Bachau, Gujarat
3. Campaign for establishment of Millennium Park, River Front, Kolkata
4. Rainwater Harvesting project for Japan Water Forum.


Special Meeting


CBE was invited to


1. To frame syllabus on urban conservation by ICCROM, Rome, 1995
2. To review impact of Sunami - Scientific Conference, AIT, Bangkok, 2005
3. To advise ‘Incredible India’ programme of Tourism Dept, Govt. of India, 3 years.
4. To participate in research and Ph.D presentation, Kyoto University, Japan, 2017




Under the guidance of Architecture Deptt, Jadavpur University, Kolkata and CBE (with Prof. Santosh Ghosh, President as Advisor) the following members have recived Ph.d’s.


Dr. Mahua Mukherjee - Housing
Reviewer Prof. Johny Astrand, Lund University, Sweden
Dr. Shivashish Bose - Conservation
(Reviewer : Dr. William Logan, Deakin, University, Australia)
Dr. Debashish Das - Climate and Building
(Reviewer : Dr. Paul Downton, University of Adelaide, Australia)
On going - Ms. Alokananda Mukherjee - Climate
Resilience City with Agri-aquaculture


CBE members individual research - often presented at international conferences.

2/5 Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata - 700 020, India, Telefax : 91 33 2476 1495, Website: www.conservationcbe2018.org
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